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In Part 3 of 'A Day Out' we chat with Toni Street, one of New Zealand’s most well-known and certainly most loved personalities and her two gorgeous daughters Juliette (6) and Mackenzie (4).

Toni Street is a NZ broadcaster and journalist working freelance for TVNZ and full time on The Hits Breakfast radio show at NZME. Toni started her career as a reporter for One News, before hosting Breakfast TV and primetime current affairs show ‘Seven Sharp' for four years. Toni has worked on major national and international events such as the NZ Election, Olympics, Rugby World Cup, World Netball Championships and the America’s Cup. Toni has three children, Juliette, Mackenzie and Lachlan and is an ambassador for three kiwi charities...  Variety, CatWalk and Starlit Hope.

The true definition of a super-mum, Toni has mastered the balance of being a Mum to three gorgeous children while maintaining a demanding career.

We ask Toni and her daughters a few questions…

Q1. In today's world, what do you think is the most important lesson to teach our daughters?

To be confident and courageous enough to be themselves and to fight for what makes them truly happy.  

Q2. Which of your qualities have your daughters inherited?

I think they both have my positive outlook on life, and they genuinely care about other people which I hope is a quality they never lose.

Q3. What do your daughters teach you? 

They teach me to remember how exciting and joyful the simplest things in life can be, like a Caterpillar turning into a cocoon or picking a flower from the garden.

Q4.  How do you juggle such a busy career and motherhood?
It’s a work in progress and changes week to week. I think you constantly assess what’s working and what’s not. I am lucky to have extremely supportive friends and family and a husband who is very hands on. Starting work at 4am helps too as I get a lot of work done before they’re even awake!

Q5. Do you have any tips for Mums trying to find balance in work and family life? Accept help when it is offered to you, make it clear to your workplace that being a Mum is really important to you and ask if they can be flexible with hours, and don’t over commit (still working on this one myself!).

Q6. We ask Juliette and Mackenzie what is the best thing about your mum?

Juliette, 6 – “She loves me and she’ perfect"

Mackenzie, 4- “ she gives me kisses and cuddles”

 Thanks Toni, Juliette and Mackenzie!