Size Guide

See below for detailed sizing information across the Crywolf product range.

If you have any other questions about sizing email our customer service team at and they will be happy to help. 


Our range of children's Play Jackets Magic Jackets & Explorer Jackets are available in sizes 6m-14 years.

Our Adult Jackets are available in sizes S, M, L, & XL. 

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Rain Overalls & Rain Suits

Our Rain Overalls and Rain Suits are available in sizes 6m-6 years.

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Rain Boots

Our collection of Rain Boots are available in 14 sizes from EU20 to EU33.

We recommend buying a size up to allow for growth and wearing winter socks.

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The Sweaters, Hoodies  and Long Sleeve T-Shirts are lightweight and perfect for year-round layering

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CRYWOLF Hoodie Size Guide 2024 copy.jpg__PID:726af296-1387-4aa4-95c1-06db562eda77
CRYWOLF Long-Sleeve T-shirt Size Guide 2024.jpg__PID:f2961387-1aa4-45c1-86db-562eda7741d8

Eco-Puffers & Reversible Vests

Our Eco-Puffers and Reversible Vests are true to age and allows for light winter layering.

CRYWOLF Puffer Size Guide 2024.jpg__PID:562eda77-41d8-4f6c-bb62-800b8091b96f

Yeti Jackets

Our Yeti Jacket sizing is true to age, providing warmth and requiring only a light underneath layer.

CRYWOLF Yet Jacket Size Guide 2024.jpg__PID:da7741d8-3f6c-4b62-800b-8091b96fbd8d

Packable Ruff Jackets 

Our Ruff Jackets are perfect for taking your furry friend on your next adventure. Please check our measurement chart and breed guide for the best fit.

CRYWOLF Ruff Jacket Size Guide 2024.jpg__PID:06db562e-da77-41d8-bf6c-bb62800b8091

2-Pack Socks

CRYWOLF Socks Size Guide 2024.jpg__PID:55c106db-562e-4a77-81d8-3f6cbb62800b

One Piece Rash Suit

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Long Sleeve Rash Top 

**Size guide coming soon**

Board Shorts 

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Long Sleeve Swimsuit 

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Beach Sandals Size Guide

If your child is in between sizes, we recommend sizing up one size.
See more information in the size guide below.

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