O U R   V I S I O N
Crywolf was born with a vision to create a range of beautiful and functional outerwear for kids, that encourages play, freedom of expression and getting back outdoors.
As part of our journey, we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and seek to offer customers eco-friendly products whenever possible. The Crywolf Eco-Puffer is the first of many products that children can wear with pride without compromising their environment.
With your support we are excited to bring you more products that help safeguard our planet for our kids.

E C O - P U F F E R
Our Eco-Puffer jackets have been proudly filled with Repreve® - an innovative, insulative fibre made entirely from recycled water bottles. In addition to being warm and lightweight, Repreve® is a humane alternative to real down. No geese were harmed in the making of these Eco-Puffers!


At Crywolf, we're passionate about sustainability and taking care of our environment. When you make an online order, your shoes will be delivered in an eco-bag which is 100% home and commercially compostable.

The rubbish created by humans every day pollutes our land, see and atmosphere. Recycling simply isn't enough to cope with the waste we product and our plastic problems are seriously in need of alternative solutions.

The eco-bag is:

• Home compostable

• Commercially compostable

• Made from plants

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